Tegalalang Tourism Site and Ubud Rice Fields

Tegalalang Tourism Site, Ubud Rice Field Rice Fields! Tegalalang Rice Terrace or Terraced Rice Fields Ubud Bali is a very ecotouristic tourist area that offers the attraction of terraced rice fields which there are many cafes for hangout. 

In Tegalalang tourist attractions Terasering Rice Fields of Ubud, you can enjoy a view that can spoil the eyes such as a very cool expanse of terraced rice fields, you will see plots of rice fields interspersed with multilevel terraces and neatly arranged.

Tegalalang Tourism It is seen that the green rice plants refresh the eyes and soothe the eyes. 

The exotism is more perfect with the number of palm trees around it that look like paintings on canvas. 

Very beautiful and charming scenery that God gave on the Island of the Gods.

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How to Enjoy the Rice Terraces Ecotism in Tegalalang UBUD

To enjoy the beauty and exoticism of the Terraces in Tegalalang Ubud, it's easy because the location is right along the road across the village of Tegalalang, and on the roadside in the village of Tegalalang, Ubud, you will see simple stalls that have traditional Balinese nuances to restaurants offering views or views Ubud terraced rice fields.

What are the beauties that exist in Tegalalang Sawah Teraseng Ubud Bali Tourism Area?

If you want to enjoy the unique view of terraced rice fields and its very sloping slopes, it's a good idea to stop and stop at one of the warungs or restaurants that directly overlook the rice fields that are treated to views of Ubud terraces. 

You can buy drinks and food that will be served by a friendly waiter and guaranteed good food while enjoying views of the rice fields where if you are lucky you will see farmers who are plowing fields and also farmers who are doing nurseries.

Facilities and Tourism Activities in UBUD's Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Tegalalang Terasering Ubud not only offers natural beauty, but Tegalalang Terasering also offers facilities that support your holiday while enjoying the natural beauty of Ubud to perform very unique activities at Tegalalang Terrace Ubud.
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Gift shop

Along the main Tegalalang highway, there are many shops by souvenirs that line more than 9 kilometers, various kinds of handicraft products that you can meet that provide many choices that we want. 

The souvenir shop offers delicious Balinese handicrafts such as carving wood and iron sculptures as souvenirs that you can bring homes such as giraffes, elephants, cats - catfish, dolphins, wooden masks, wood carvings, stone carvings and much more.

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Tips on Traveling to Tegalalang Terraces in UBUD Bali

To enjoy the beauty of traveling to Tegalalang Ubud Rice Fields, you can not only feel or see the sensation from afar, but you can also go down to the rice fields by following the paddy fields that are stacked and winding. 

As we know that rice fields in Bali are a source of irrigation which is known as the Subak system and if during the harvest season you can be directly involved and watch more closely how the farmers pinned rice seedlings in the Tegalalang Terraces of Ubud. 

The best time to visit Tegalalang Ubud Rice Field is in the afternoon because of its location facing east.

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Cheap Hotels Around Ubud Rice Terraces

For those of you who want to enjoy the cool nature of Ubud to support your holiday enjoying Tegalalang Ubud terraced rice fields, there are hotel prices that are reasonably priced that can be said to be cheap such as Oples Homestay, Wijaya Guesthouse, Sakha House, Pondok Bali, Semanggi Cottage. 150,000 and the distance is approximately starting from 600 meters to 1 kilometer from the tourist site of Tegalalang Ubud Rice Field

Cheap Bali Hotel Promo for 3 Nights Starting from Rp. 299,000. We Baligetaway offer cheap Bali hotel promos for 3 nights starting from Rp. 299,000, you can enjoy a holiday in Bali with the accommodations we provide and certainly comfort is the top priority and complete facilities of our hotel hotels and maximum service. This is the article about the tourist attractions of Tegalalang Tourism Terraces in Ubud Bali.

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  1. Ubud itu alamnya memang keren... apalagi soal pengolahan sawah dengan sistim terasiringnya...


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