Candidasa Karangasem Is an Interesting Attraction in East Bali

Candidasa Karangasem Is an Interesting Attraction in East Bali!

Do you often travel to Bali and almost always visit tourist attractions in southern Bali and central Bali? If you answer yes, then I can suggest you try a vacation to a tourist spot in eastern Bali. One of the tourist attractions in eastern Bali that gets many visits from tourists is Candidasa Karangasem Bali.

Candidasa Karangasem Is an Interesting Attraction in East Bali

Attractions in East Bali

Attractions in eastern Bali are not as well known as tourist attractions in the southern part of the island of Bali. For example Kuta Bali tourist attractions. In fact, there are many interesting tourist objects in East Bali with distinctive characteristics from vacation spots in southern Bali.

In east Bali, you can find villages that have residents and indigenous Balinese culture which is often called Bali Aga. The name of the village is the village of Tenganan Karangasem. The village area of Tenganan is very close to the tourist attraction of Candi Dasa, you only need to take 10 minutes to reach the location of Tenganan Village from the tourist attractions of Candi Dasa.

In addition to cultural attractions, eastern Bali also has interesting beach attractions to visit. Both white sand beaches and beaches with black sand. One of the white sand beaches that tourists like when on vacation to east Bali is Perasi Karangasem beach.

Because Perasi Karangasem beach is still hidden, foreign tourists call this beach Hidden Beach. If you ever hear the name Virgin Beach Karangasem, then what you mean is Perasi Karangasem beach. For those of you who want a vacation to the tourist sites of Virgin Beach Karangasem, surely you want to know the ticket prices for entering Virgin Beach Karangasem.

What can be enjoyed by Candidasa Karangasem?

Exciting Holiday Activities

In addition to tourist attractions, in the East Bali region, there are exciting marine tourism activities that you will not find in the southern Bali region. The name of the activity is Odyssey Submarine Bali or submarine tours and is currently the only one in Bali.

The activity of the Submarine Odyssey submarine chooses a dive location on the Labuhan Amuk Karangasem beach. Selection of dive sites on Labuhan Amuk Karangasem beach, because underwater life in east Bali is still natural and awake.

Candidasa tourism object is a resort area that has beaches, restaurants and places to stay. If you depart from Ngurah Rai International Airport, it will take 1 hour 40 minutes, with a distance of 64 kilometres. Pretty far!

Because of the long distance from the centre of tourism in Bali, making Candidasa tourist attractions is not as busy as Kuta beach or Sanur beach. Most tourists who stay in the tourist area of Candi Dasa are tourists who want a vacation in a quiet and quiet place. In addition, there are also tourists who choose Candi Dasa for a stopover before heading to Tulamben or Amed to do scuba diving or snorkelling activities.

For those of you who like to do scuba diving or snorkelling activities and don't want to travel far to eastern Bali from southern Bali. Then you can try scuba diving or snorkelling activities in Tanjung Benoa.

The attraction of Candi Dasa for Vacation Places

For those who have never had a vacation to Candi Dasa Karangasem, you will definitely ask! What are some interesting things that can be done in the tourist area of Candi Dasa? Of course, this question will exist, if you don't know about the attraction of Candi Dasa attractions.

Candi Dasa tourist area is a resort area that is similar to the tourist area of Sanur. Generally, tourists who are on holiday to Candi Dasa Karangasem because they want to enjoy a different atmosphere from the tourism area in southern Bali. The main attraction of Candi Dasa is the white sand beach, although not as good as the Pandawa beach, the place is very quiet.

Tirta Gangga2

What about lodging at Candidasa Beach Karangasem?

Here are some hotel listings:

1. Genggong Hotel

Located on a beach in the famous Candidasa surfing area, Hotel Genggong offers an outdoor swimming pool with a relaxing garden and terrace. Nice view, safe, calm. Average price / night: 1,105,000

2. Sagara Candidasa

Situated in Candidasa, Sagara Candidasa features an outdoor pool, a garden, and a terrace. Offering a restaurant, this property also has a bar. Private parking and free Wi-Fi can be accessed at the hotel. Great welcome from the pleasant staff. Beautiful sea views from a quiet and comfortable terrace with swimming pool. Nice and comfortable room. Large. Average price/night: 1,934,888

3. Rama Shinta Hotel Candidasa

Rama Shinta Hotel Candidasa is located in east Bali and offers rooms in a peaceful tropical garden. Fantastic friendly service Incredible breakfast included in the price of the room Updated rooms & rooms Updated a very cool & refreshing pool A good location with attentive security staff throughout the night. Average price/night: 873,125

Most tourist attractions in East Bali, do not have hotels that have international standards. Therefore, to get a five-star hotel while on vacation in eastern Bali, the choice is Candi Dasa. At Candi Dasa, there are many places to stay, ranging from jasmine classes to starred hotels. In addition, there are also many cafes, bars and restaurants in Candi Dasa.

Lodging in Candidasa such as:

Hotel Rama.

• One Bedroom Loft: 2,200,793
• Superior Garden: 1,094,519

Puri Bagus.

Average Per night Ananya Resorts 3-star Pride for 476,326

Location Map & Best Transportation Options

To make it easier for you to find the location of Candi Dasa attractions, if you depart from Kuta Bali beach, please use the map below! Candi Dasa tourist area is also close to other tourist areas of East Bali and interesting to visit, such as:

• Attractions in Tenganan village.
• Padang Bai Beach.
• Karangasem Tree House.
• Virgin Beach Perasi Karangasem.
• Soekasada Ujung Park.
• Labuan Amuk Beach.
• Tirta Gangga Water Palace.

Because public transportation facilities are inadequate the best way to go to Candi Dasa is to use a private vehicle, whether it's a motorcycle or a car. To find a motorbike rental service or car rental on the island of Bali is very easy. You can use the Google search engine to find a motorbike rental and rent car service provider on the island of Bali.

If you want comfort and are not too familiar with the roads in East Bali, you should use a cheap fuel driver car rental service in Bali. By using Bali car rental services with drivers and fuel, you can rest while travelling to Candi Dasa Karangasem.

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