What Are The Attractions of Tulamben Beach That You Can Enjoy?

What are the attractions of Tulamben Beach that you can enjoy?

For lovers of diving in Bali, the Tulamben tourist attraction in Karangasem Regency, the eastern end of the island of the Gods, is certainly not foreign. 

This area is a special place with the beauty of underwater scenery that is already well-known among tourists, especially for foreign tourists from continental Europe, they are indeed mostly adventure hobbies, especially underwater marine tourism.

This Tulamben Bali tourist attraction is very developed because its maritime region presents amazing underwater natural beauty, beautiful natural charm that is presented by this Tulamben beach, making it a part of the popular tourist attraction in East Bali, and a must-visit destination for those of you who want diving and snorkelling recreation. 

Including the beautiful surrounding nature also presents a different natural atmosphere away from the crowds.

So much is offered in the Tulamben tourism area, for that tour in Bali to visit Tulamben beach, enjoy nature in this area you don't have to go diving or snorkelling tours, you can just relax enjoying the blue sea view, or you can explore a number of other nearby attractions by taking a tour or renting a car.

Attractions of Tulamben Beach

Tulamben Tourism Object Bali - Tourism Center in Karangasem

A number of tourism centres in Karangasem Regency, are enough to boost regional income budgets, such as Padangbai, Candidasa, Amed, Tirtagangga and Tulamben. 

As one of the centres of tourism, the Tulamben area is equipped with various supporting facilities such as hotel accommodation, restaurants, tourist service centres for tours in Bali, car rental and a number of providers of diving and snorkelling services.

Tulamben Beach Bali has the beauty of a moral beach, unlike other beaches on the island of the Gods which are more sandy. 

The sea is calm, clear with bluish green gradations, the charm of the underwater world is stunning and famous, visibility is quite high, so it becomes one of the top marine tourism objects for diving and snorkelling.

Especially with the existence of the USS Liberty wreck during World War II which became a popular spot point dive in this region easily accessible, only at a depth of 30 meters and 30 meters away from the coast.

What Can Be Enjoyed in Tulamben Tourism?

This is a small village that developed into a tourist attraction with the potential for diverse sea in northern Bali. The location is in Kubu District, the northern part of Karangasem Regency, about 25 kilometres from Amlapura and 100 kilometres from Denpasar.

The attraction of this village lies in the natural potential of the underwater which is suitable for diving and snorkelling because the water conditions are clear throughout the year and the current is calm. One of the dive spots frequented by tourists is the location of the shipwrecking the USAT Liberty.

That is a US Army army transport ship that sank at a depth of 30 meters after being hit by a Japanese submarine torpedo on January 11, 1942, while crossing the Lombok Strait. This location is the easiest dive recreation place for all levels of diver's expertise.

Because it can be reached directly from the shoreline or about 25 meters from the coast with a depth of five to 30 meters below sea level. In fact, it is estimated that there are around 400 species of reef fish inhabiting the shipwreck and visited by around 100 species of sea fish.

This place is also called the paradise of the reef because it is full of sea animal surprises, such as ribbon eel, mimic octopus, boxer crabs, ghost pipefish, seahorse, leaf fish, garden eel, lionfish, harlequin shrimp and other unusual types. At least during the holiday season, around 100 divers come to this location.

What are the Attractions of Tulamben Beach that you can enjoy

The most interesting activity in Tulamben is diving

Not only that, due to the eruption of Mount Agung in 1963 which released 300 million cubic rocks, the beach in this area was covered with rocks. Of course, it gives its own uniqueness to the variety of flora and fauna that live in Tulamben. For example, types of shrimp and crabs (macros) can be found here and invite the attention of underwater photography enthusiasts from abroad.

History of Tulamben Tourism Village, Bali

Not many tell the history of Tulamben Village. That said, the name Tulamben comes from Batulambih, which means "many stones". This refers to the eruption of Mount Agung which affected this place from time to time. Finally, this name changed to Batulamben, then until now known as Tulamben.

How to get to Tulamben

Tulamben can be reached in 2.5 hours from downtown Denpasar with four-wheeled vehicles or buses. Travel from Denpasar across the southern coast of Bali and will find Goa Lawah, Candi Dasa, Amlapura which is famous for stunning views of rice fields and cliffs.

Transportation in Tulamben

Generally, transportation available in Tulamben is the car and motorbike rental, minibuses and taxis. Car and motorbike rental prices also vary. For the price of renting a motorbike in Tulamben per day, it is usually taken 100 thousand.

What Can Be Enjoyed in Tulamben Tourism?

Here are some hotels along with prices

There are many hotels in Tulamben, ranging from cheap hotels to luxury hotels or even villas can be found easily here. Some of them are as follows:

1. Benthos Bali Dive Resort

Benthos Bali Dive Resort offers accommodation in Candidasa, with free Wi-Fi in all areas. Friendly staff, managers pay attention to guests. The bungalow smells like a bed. Average price / night: 1,048,248

2. Bali Palms Resort

Facing the beach, Bali Palms Resort is located in a small coastal city in Candi Dasa. The resort offers a tropical getaway with a free shuttle service to the city and an outdoor swimming pool. Simple rooms with amazing views! extraordinary!! Average price / night: 1,137,500

3. Anom Beach Hotel

Located on Teluk Mendira Beach, Anom Beach Hotel offers a soothing tropical retreat with extensive sea views. Good breakfast, friendly waitress. Average price / night: 369,750

4. At The Beach Candidasa

With a beachfront location, At The Beach Candidasa offers comfortable rooms with a bathtub in Candidasa, Karangasem. Average price / night: 600,000

5. The Rishi Candidasa Beach Resort

Enjoying a peaceful location on a private white sand beach, The Rishi Candidasa Beach Resort is about 10 km from Padang Bay Harbor. Wifi, pool & beach. Average price / night: 450,000

6. Bali Seascape Beach Club

Soothing massages on the beach accompanied by the afternoon sun and various water sports await you at Bali Shangrila Beach Club. It was fantastic! Staff were amazingly genuinely friendly.
Average price / night: 929,500

7. Puri Bagus Manggis

Puri Bagus Manggis provides traditional Balinese style accommodation located in Manggis village, Bali. This accommodation offers an outdoor pool and massage services. Parking is free.
Average price / night: 894,660

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